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Published Articles by Christine Matus

New Jersey estate planning and special needs lawyer Christine Matus has published informative and inspiring articles in many magazines and journals. Please enjoy reading some of her published works here, provided as PDF files and online articles.

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When an unexpected event such as a medical crisis occurs, the last thing you need is the added stress of having to make critical decisions regarding your future and care. Our article featured in this month’s Ocean County Woman explains why you should make these decisions now instead of later when it may be too late.

See Christine on the cover of this month’s Ocean County Woman! You can read her latest published article on page 10.

This article appeared in Ocean County Woman magazine and discusses some things to consider when naming a trustee.

This article appeared in Monmouth County Woman and highlights a few reasons people avoid getting started on their estate planning.

This article appeared in Boomers Plus Magazine and discusses recent legislative changes that could affect Power of Attorney documents.

This article was published in Ocean County Woman and discusses following through with your estate plan once you initially draft it.

With so much at stake, many parents of special needs children fail to put a plan in place for their disabled child. Why? Here are five popular myths why special needs planning is often not done.

Attorney Christine Matus shares her personal experience and findings when preparing a Special Needs Trust and appointing a proper Trustee for her special needs child.

Important things to consider with regards to who you designate as executor of your last will and testament.

A mother of a child with Down syndrome, New Jersey attorney Christine Matus knows firsthand the need to have the right estate planning and lifetime planning that should be in place.

Attorney Matus shares the Top 10 items needed to prepare for a mortgage application, based on advice from Laurette Caterina, Vice President with Glendenning Mortgage Corp. in Toms River, New Jersey.

When buying a home, things can happen that are out of anyone’s control. But, there are actions that a homebuyer can take to improve the process. Top realtors share six worthy items you can control and implement for the best possible home buying experience.

For parents of children with special needs, this articles shares important information about the role and power of a special needs trust.

Starting on August 1, 2015, if you are applying for a loan there will be new disclosures that will be provided to you by the lender to hopefully make the purchasing experience easier and more clear.

An overview of the Living Trust – how it avoids probate, what the requirements are for setting up the living trust, and how or when taxes are affected.




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