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We want to make sure that the right information and resources are at your fingertips. This area of our website provides you and your family access to information about estate planning and special needs law and advocacy, all in one place. We offer educational materials filled with real-world information so essential to making informed choices. You’re invited to attend Free Workshops hosted by The Matus Law Group, plus receive a copy of our complimentary eBook, view educational videos, and sign up for our quarterly Estate Planning Newsletter. Please take advantage of our resources, and spend as much time on our site as you need.

Basic Estate Planning for Parents with Special Needs Children Download Our Free E-Book
Accept a complimentary copy of our ebook, Basic Estate Planning for Parents with Special Needs Children by The Matus Law Group. As a special needs parent, you love your child profoundly. You want to provide the most loving and responsible care. But you just don’t know where to start or how to plan for the future. More often than not, you find yourself feeling confused, scared, and overwhelmed. Our firm’s founder, Christine Matus, is herself the mother of a special needs child with Down syndrome. And, despite extensive knowledge of New Jersey estate planning law, she had to do a lot of legwork and fact-finding from dozens of advisors to establish a strategic plan of action.

This experience inspired attorney Matus to create a guide for other parents in similar situations – as a foundation for planning for their special needs child’s future. Attorney Matus’ book, Basic Estate Planning for Parents with Special Needs Children, is designed to help you plan out and navigate this parenting journey easier by tackling a critical challenge: how to plan, financially, for your special needs child. It is our hope this book serves as a valuable resource that will help you meet the diverse challenges of special needs parenting with love, energy and strategic focus. To download this e-book, click here.

Free E-Book: The Future They Deserve: 8 Key Planning Tools No Parent of Special Needs Children Should Do Without
With years of both personal and legal experience under her belt, Ms. Matus really understands what parents of special needs children need when it comes to planning for the future. With this in mind, she is offering an informative e-book that goes over a number of different planning tools that can help to protect your child today, and long into the future. To learn more about the e-book, click here.

Free Resource: Navigating Autism Services in New Jersey 

This is a free resource, created by several departments of the state of New Jersey, serves as a guide through the state programs and services offered for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. To download your own copy, click here.