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Whatever your stage of life, having a plan set out for your long-term needs, the safety of your estate, and the security of your loved ones is vitally important.

At The Matus Law Group, we have devoted our law practice to offering a peace of mind to our clients with professional estate planning and administration, special needs planning, elder law and Medicaid planning, as well as probate law advice. Protecting your estate and ensuring your loved ones’ future is our life’s work, and we bring over twenty years of experience to the table. 

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New York Estate Planning Lawyer

You have worked hard throughout your lifetime, not only to collect estate and assets but also to take care of your loved ones, some of whom may be especially vulnerable. Estate planning isn’t only about who will benefit from your estate but how you will take care of those loved ones and yourself, long-term.

With our New York estate planning attorney’s assistance and advice, you can ensure that your needs will be taken care of when the time comes and that your loved ones will get the resources they need according to your wishes and to the law. You can have a peace of mind as you go forward and leave your family free from uncertainty upon your death.

Although planning your estate requires you to have difficult conversations about planning legal and tax matters, they are critical discussions. With well-considered estate planning in place, you can make future plans free from anxiety about how your loved ones will be taken care of. 

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What Our New York City Estate Planning Attorney Offers

Estate planning is not just a dry set of legal directives and forms rulled by the law. It is the heart and soul of the culmination of a lifetime’s plans. At The Matus Law Group, we treat it as such. Regardless of legal planning complexities, we understand the momentous responsibility you have entrusted us in designing and planning a tailored estate plan.

Our estate planning attorneys work closely with you to understand your wishes, concerns, and legal needs to ensure your future safety and security as well as the needs of those who will be impacted upon your death. Your estate is like no other, and we take the time to address the unique needs of your estate planning by:

  • Helping you navigate your retirement

  • Ensuring the disposition of your estate according to your wishes
  • Protect your assets through estate planning
  • Help you understand and ensure any healthcare or long-term care decisions like medicaid planning
  • Consider legal tax implications of estate planning, both for you and your beneficiaries
  • Ensure the future care of those who rely upon you

To speak with our New York team experienced in estate planning, call our law office now. You can reach our estate planning team by phone at (929) 412-1808 or schedule an appointment online.

Special Needs Estate Planning Lawyers Office in New York, NY

One of our primary areas of practice is planning a special needs child’s care and future through trusts. Our NY office team brings empathy and firsthand experience to the table when helping you to set up trusts. We review each case and come up with the best strategy to feet your needs.

The trust will help to legally protect estate to ensure that your child still has access to the public benefits he or she will need going forward. Consequently, when that child turns 18, he or she will still be able to receive benefits such as Supplemental Security Income, while the trust manages funds to cover the additional needs of your child.

Although the funds of the trusts cannot pay for basic living expenses, the law stipulates that they can provide supplemental funds for medical devices, therapies, recreational enrichment, and other things that would be considered supplemental costs by the law. We would be happy to discuss how estate planning can benefit your situation and offer comprehensive, knowledgeable advice when it comes to medicaid planning

Preparing a special needs estate planning document is a complex undertaking, to learn more please call our attorneys at the New York office today: (929) 412-1808.   

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Although many people believe wills are only necessary for high net worth individuals with large estate, this is simply not the case. If you own any assets or estate, you should probably have a will drafted according with the law and our New York office is here to help.

To make an appointment on planning your estate in New York, call us now (929) 412-1808.

Importance of a Last Will And Testament for Your Estate in New York, NY

As one of the most foundational legal documents in New York State estate planning, your will sets out your wishes for your assets’ disposition after your death in line with the law. An individual who dies without the benefit of a legal will opens the estate to a lengthy, complicated, and expensive probate mechanism. It also leaves your child or spouse (even in case of divorce) dealing with a tremendous amount of uncertainty about how your assets would be divided according to the law.  It is easy to prevent these problems with help of one of our estate planning lawyers

As an essential estate planning device, having a will allows you to pass on belongings, financial assets, and real estate to specified individuals according to your wishes. It also sets out who will be legal guardians to your young children. New York has specific requirements concerning the execution of a will, which must be considered during estate planning. Having the guidance and assistance of a NY estate planning professional ensures that your best wishes are carefully considered, and your will is drafted according to the law and executed properly, following all New York State laws. To speak with a top-rated NY estate planning team about your estate plan or last will and testament, call today: (929) 412-1808.

Using a Trust to Protect Estate

Having a will is an excellent first step toward estate planning goals but many times, trusts ensure asset and estate protection and tax benefits that a will may not.

A trust forms a separate third-party legal entity that can own assets and estate on behalf of a beneficiary, which can be useful for estate planning and tax benefits. In New York, trusts are beneficial because they help avoid probate, tax, and fees, and can protect assets and real estate from creditors. After your death, the assets get passed to the remaining beneficiaries of the trusts.

There are different kinds of trusts that offer various legal benefits including tax benefits, depending upon your unique estate planning situation. Our New York estate planning team would be glad to discuss different types of trusts and strategies with you. Call to make an appointment with our attorneys in NY to discuss benefits of trusts, we can be reached by phone at (929) 412-1808 or email.

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Estate Planning Documents: Health Directives and Long-Term Care for Planning Estate

As we age, we want to make sure that our wishes are carried out and our own needs are met. Our New York office skilled estate planning team is here to discuss and draft healthcare and long-term care documents like medicaid planning to protect you in matters of healthcare emergencies, end-of-life decisions, and protection of assets if you require long-term care. We can help you with a:

  • Durable POA
  • Healthcare POA
  • Living Will or Advanced Medical Directive
  • Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts

To discuss your estate planning and how it pertains to NY elder law, call today. Our New York estate planning team is ready to help (929) 412-1808.

Matus Law Group – New York Top Rated Estate Planning Lawyer

For over twenty years, individuals in the tri-state area have put their trust in the professional estate planning lawyers at The Matus Law Group. No matter the size or complexity of your estate, we take the time to understand your needs and develop and implement a plan that protects your assets and your legacy. Contact our law firm for a consultation with our lawyers to discuss any of your NY estate planning needs.

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