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Few things are more important than planning for the future of your family. For more than 20 years, Matus Law Group has helped families like yours ensure financial security and a continued legacy. Call us today and we will help to protect your family tomorrow.

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For more than two decades, the Matus Law Group has served the residents of New Jersey in matters of estate planning and real estate law. In addition to general estate planning, we specialize in estate planning for clients who have a family member with special needs. Our team of dedicated attorneys has firsthand experience and understanding of special needs families.

At Matus Law, it is our life’s work to help special families protect the future of their loved ones.

Whether you are looking for an  Estate Planning Attorney in Ocean County NJ  Monmouth County, New Jersey an Estate Planning Attorney in New York City, we are here to help.  To schedule a consultation in the location of your choice, call us today (732) 281-0060 .

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Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Every estate, no matter how large or small, deserves a great plan. We are here to help you design an estate plan to help protect your loved ones.

Special Needs

A special needs estate plan provides for the future of your disabled family member so you can have peace of mind about their care and comfort.

Real Estate

Whether it is the purchase of a single-family home or a small business, having the counsel of an experienced real estate lawyer can ensure your investment is protected.

Guardianship Attorney

Setting up a guardianship means that your family members who can not care for themselves will always be protected.

Trusts Attorney

By setting up a trust you protect the legacy you have created and allow your family to bypass the probate process. A trust is also an excellent tool to help lower estate taxes.

Probate Law

With extensive knowledge and experience of New Jersey probate law, we guide our clients through the complex probate process.

About Matus Law Group

The future of the family is a very personal focus for the attorneys and staff at Matus Law Group. We have dedicated much of our practice to helping families with special needs family members plan to plan and protect their future.  

As the parent of a special needs child herself, Christine Matus, Esq. knows firsthand the concerns of special needs families, especially in matters of future financial needs and guardianship issues. Consequently, she has dedicated much of her practice and that of the firm to help families with their own special needs children navigate their future.

As a former financial professional with a firm background in children’s advocacy, volunteer capacities, community involvement, and the nonprofit sector, Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski, Esq. understands the unique financial and emotional needs of families in today’s landscape. Helping clients through challenging times has always been her goal and she enjoys providing uniquely fitted solutions for her clients.

With a dedicated staff of passionate professionals and attorneys, Matus Law Group brings a uniquely caring team of experts with firsthand experience and a compassionate approach to help ensure the rights of special needs individuals and their families.

Christine is a leader in the field of estate planning for those living with special needs, and is a sought after as an attorney, an advisor and a public speaker.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your estate planning needs or your legal matter regarding estate planning, special needs estate planning, or real estate transactions.

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