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Wills are not only for the wealthy or individuals with complicated assets. Anyone who has any assets or children should have a valid will.

You’ve worked hard all your life to build a nest egg for your future and a legacy for your loved ones. Unfortunately, without a valid will in place, your assets may be distributed by the courts and not to your wishes. 

Protecting your assets and ensuring that they are properly administered after you are gone is our job as New Jersey and New York estate, probate, and wills lawyers. At the Matus Law Group, our experienced team of New Jersey wills lawyers ensures that your will is properly drafted, executed, and administered so you can have peace of mind that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes when you pass away. We offer two convenient locations, in Monmouth County, NJ, and Ocean County, NJ.

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The Importance of Having a Will in NJ

When we pass away, our loved ones need to address many legal and financial issues. Your will is just part of what may be a larger estate plan that ensures that these matters are set out exactly as you wish.

A will is a legal document that sets out how you want your assets distributed after your death. It will also address who will care for your minor children and who will act as the executor of your estate.

It is very important to seek the legal advice of an experienced attorney when dealing with matters related to wills, estates, or trusts. Having the help of skilled estate planning lawyers may be able to help an individual plan their future efficiently. At Matus Law Group, our team of estates, wills, and trusts lawyers work hard to ensure that our clients are ready to face unexpected events in their lives. We work with our clients to help them protect their assets and estates that they have work so hard to accumulate.

Attorney Christine Matus is a New Jersey estate planning lawyer who has helped many families with estate planning, wills, and creating trusts. For over twenty years, the Matus Law Group has served families so they can have peace of mind that their assets are protected and their wishes will be considered after they are gone. Schedule a consultation with us today to find what option best suits your family.

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What Makes New Jersey Wills Legal?

New Jersey’s estate planning laws allow for a will to be written or typed in handwriting and signed by at least two witnesses. If it has been signed by two witnesses, the will is considered self-proving. A legal will and testament is a document that outlines your wishes for your family and friends when you are distributing your assets or handling your last affairs. You can also reduce the likelihood of estate litigation following your death.

New Jersey law requires that you are over 18 years old before you can create and execute a will. Importantly, the executor of the will must also be legally competent in order to take this kind of decision. This generally means that they need to know the following:

  • The purpose and contents of a will;
  • The property are they claiming, its location, and its beneficiaries

When the person creating the will is suffering from a cognitive impairment or dementia, competency can often become a problem. Family members often contest wills because they don’t know if the loved one is competent to write and sign their will.

New Jersey also offers the opportunity to enter your legal documents in the will registry. This may help make it easier for your family and friends to locate your remains after your death. To file your will in the registry, there is a fee. Important to remember that even if your will does not get registered, it is legal so long as the criteria are met.

Matus Law Group’s team of estate attorneys is skilled at helping families create a comprehensive plan that will ensure the future of their loved ones. estate planning attorney Christine Matus has over 20 years of experience in offering estate planning services in New Jersey. She may be able to help your family protect the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.

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What Do Wills Lawyers Do For You?

When an individual dies without a will, it is called dying intestate.  Failure to have a will prepared can leave these critical matters up to an administrator appointed by the court and maybe even individuals who have no knowledge or understanding of how you would wish for these things to be carried out. In this case, your family may need to hire an experienced attorney.

Although a will can be prepared without the assistance of a wills attorney, having the guidance and advice of a skilled New York City or New Jersey estate lawyer ensures that your will is correctly drafted and executed and reduces the risk of it being challenged. A lawyer who assists you in the creation of your will understands your wishes and will also be able to help properly administer it after you are gone. 

At Matus Law Group, our team of trusts and wills attorneys is here to help you make the best decisions for your estate. We know how important it is to protect your assets and how even the smallest changes in your decisions can affect your family’s future. Call the Matus Law Group today for your estate planning needs. We are here to assist you.

A Will is Not Just For the Wealthy

Wills are not only for the wealthy or individuals with complicated assets. Anyone who has any assets or children should have a valid will.

In your will, you will have the ability to designate exactly who gets what assets and keep them out of the hands of people you would not want to have. A will can give your loved ones faster and easier access to your assets and will name a guardian for your minor children instead of leaving this up to the court. It can also set out gifts and charitable donations.

At Matus Law Group, our team of skilled attorneys understands how important it is for families to save time and money when dealing with estate planning matters. We can help. Wills attorney Christine Matus has been helping families for over 20 years with their estate planning needs. Decisions can be hard to make when you are planning for your family’s future.

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When Should You Update Your Will?

You may already have a will, but your circumstances have changed since it was executed. Occasionally, a will should be updated when life has changed and the terms of the will no longer work. A will should be changed when:

  • There has been a birth of a child or grandchild that demands a shift in asset division or guardianship issues.
  • You or a family member has divorced.
  • Family dynamics have changed. Families can be fluid, and changes happen. There may be a decline in physical or mental health, or an addiction has come to light that requires you to reconsider the terms of your will. 
  • Your executor is no longer a good choice.

Working With a Top-Rated Wills & Trusts Attorney in New York or New Jersey

Whether you need a last will and testament completed or you need to change an existing one, the New Jersey wills attorneys at the Matus Law Group can help. For over twenty years, the Matus Law Group has served families so they can have peace of mind that their assets are protected and their wishes will be considered after they are gone.

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