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The Matus Law Group has been serving families in all areas of estate planning and real estate law for over 20 years. Christine Matus, Esq. and her law firm work closely with families to plan for sustained financial security and a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Matus Law Group is a top-rated New Jersey estate planning law firm, headed by experienced attorney Christine Matus. For more than 20 years, Christine Matus and the staff of Matus Law Group have helped New Jersey families plan for the future. We offer guidance in numerous practice areas, from real estate law to estate planning for families with special needs. No matter the size of your estate, big or small, we can help ensure that your family’s future is protected.  

Our Monmouth County office is conveniently located in Red Bank, New Jersey.  To get started on planning for the future of your family, call today (732) 785-4453 .

Special Needs Attorney in Monmouth County, NJ

The Matus Law Group’s core service offering focuses on providing open and transparent advice and legal guidance to special needs families. Planning for the care and financial well-being of loved ones who are disabled can be challenging, especially when vital information is not readily available.

As a parent of a special needs child herself, Ms. Matus understands first hand the unique needs of your family and the delicate approach that must be taken with these matters. She has nurtured a strong team who share her same passion and compassion, helping families all around Monmouth County.

The Matus Law Group recognizes that there is a gap in general estate planning services when it comes to estate administration for special needs families and seeks to serve these families specifically to provide the in-depth skills and experience needed to guide them through an otherwise complicated process .

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Planning Your Estate with an NJ Lawyer

The Matus Law Group offers all-inclusive estate planning services to protect your family’s assets. Regardless of legacy size, Ms. Matus and her law firm will work tirelessly to make sure your assets are safe in the event of death, life challenges, personal injury, and financial threats. For more than 20 years Christine Matus, a top estate planning attorney in New Jersey, has helped families like yours to ensure their future is protected. From healthcare directives, end-of-life directives, wills, trusts, guardianships, estate taxes, estate plans, and trust litigation, to and probate, elder law, and estate administration, we are here to help.Our experienced attorneys are here to make complex laws simple, to help you and your family avoid future expense and heartache, and to protect your legacy. 

Call us today for a consultation and learn how we can help to protect your assets and legacy (732) 785-4453 .

Do I need to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

New Jersey is a state where buyers and sellers of real estate properties hire an attorney in order to protect their rights. New Jersey does require that a real estate attorney be present to help with closing on a house or other property.

Real estate attorneys assist in drafting contracts, property inspections and disclosures, title and ownership issues, and closing procedures. Having an attorney is important to ensure fair transactions and legal compliance, and to minimize future problems. A lawyer can help each party understand their rights and responsibilities. Whether you need a lawyer or not depends on your knowledge of real estate law and contract law, experience in purchase and sale, and willingness to negotiate legal issues. You will also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with having a professional at your side.

A good idea is to consult a real estate lawyer before the closing date. Real estate lawyers are licensed to practice and specialize in the purchase and sale of real estate transactions. The lawyer plays a central role in the drafting of contracts and addendums, preparation of closing documents, reviewing the history and recording, negotiating any financing issues, approval of closing procedures, and ensuring legal compliance.

Probate Lawyer Explains: What Is A Will?

A will is a legal document that states how one’s affairs should be handled upon their death. A will can help establish directives such as decide on the executor, power of attorney, beneficiaries of the estate, guardianship of minor children, and how assets will be disbursed. The executor of a will manages assets until their final distribution.
Having a will is an important first step in planning for your family’s financial future. Although many people believe a will is only necessary for high net worth individuals, this is simply not the case. If you own any assets at all, you should probably have a will drafted by an attorney. If you do not have a will, many key decisions would have to be made by the courts. This is a long and expensive legal process that could easily eat into your legacy. 

The Matus Law Group is one of the pre-eminent New Jersey law firms experienced in the matters of establishing wills and trusts. If you are not sure if you need a will, or think you might need one but not sure where to start, call us today (732) 785-4453

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Although many people believe a will is only necessary for high net worth individuals, this is simply not the case. If you own any assets at all, you should probably have a will drafted by an attorney.

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Why Create a Legal Trust in Monmouth County, NJ?

A trust is an arrangement in which a third-party or trustee, can be appointed to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.
A trust plays an important role in creating a comprehensive estate plan. A well put together trust controls inheritance, protects beneficiaries, assures confidentiality, minimizes involvement with probate courts, and reduces taxes.
In New Jersey, special needs trusts present a different layer of complexities in the estate planning process. The Matus Group specializes in crafting and executing special needs trusts to help their clients feel confident that disabled family members will be able to access the assets they need for a lifetime to come.  

Planning to get a Real Estate Lawyer in Red Bank, New Jersey?

Dealing with real estate transactions presents a variety of challenges that can sometimes make the transaction feel like a daunting experience. Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, The Matus Law Group is here to provide guidance and legal advice during each step of the process. And whatever type of real estate transaction you are executing, whether it is a single-family home, investment properties, or business purchases of commercial property, Matus Law Group is the team you need in your corner.

From start to finish, we are here to help. From negotiating the contract to a thorough investigation of the property for any title or legal issues, we are with you every step of the way. There is no question that starting on a real estate transaction can feel like a harrowing process. After all, it may be the biggest investment you will make. But if you work with the right partner, the process can be smooth and even easy. Call today and let our 20 years of experience in New Jersey real estate law work for you (732) 785-4453.

What our clients say

Christine Matus, Top Lawyer for Planning Your Estate in Monmouth County

Christine Matus has been practicing law in the state of New Jersey since 1995. A top New Jersey attorney specializing in areas of estate law and real estate law, she is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and a member of the Asian Pacific American Lawyers Association. She also serves on the Advisory Panel for the American Bar Association.  

Outside of her practice with the Matus Law Group, Christine Matus volunteers her time as an active mediator with the Superior Court of New Jersey. Her public service projects include pro bono work, and commitment to non-profit organizations such as Mary’s Little Children, where she serves as General Counsel. Christine is a sought after public speaker and often speaks on the subject of estate planning for special needs families. 

Christine Matus combines her love of the law with a strong connection to the New Jersey community and to supporting those in need. Community service, volunteerism, and pro bono work are the core values of the legal team at Matus Law Group. To speak with Christine about planning for your family’s future, call today (732) 785-4453 

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