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Should You Host a Virtual Open House?

Last updated on: May 10, 2021

Living in the time of COVID demands that we get creative. For a while, it seemed as if real estate sales ground to a pandemic-fueled halt. But like everything else, we have found ways around that with the help of video technology. As a New Jersey real estate attorney knows, there is little that keeps the real estate market down.

COVID isn’t the only reason to consider hosting a virtual open house. With more people moving across the country than ever before, the next best thing to touring a marketed home in person is with technology that allows a tour virtually. 

What is a Virtual Open House?

Virtual open houses allow live broadcasts of a home online. These can be done as a video walkthrough that can be uploaded as a link to a website or as one that is scheduled for a designated day and time. An agent will guide virtual viewers through the home room by room. At that time, viewers can ask questions in real-time, making for an interactive experience between the owner, agent, and potential buyers. 

Benefits of a Virtual Open House

Sellers understand the importance of selling their home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because most buyers begin their search for a home online with sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com, it only makes sense to allow for an open house online as well. 

When potential buyers can “walk” through the home at their convenience and can do it as many times as they like, it can enhance the experience for the potential buyer. It also offers the seller a remarkable marketing advantage. Because the tour is virtual, it minimizes the need for in-person showings and the seller and agent never need to worry about cancellations or no-shows.

It also reduces the number of “window shoppers” who love to look at homes for sale on a weekend but are never really serious buyers. 

How to Make Your Virtual Open House a Success

  • Promotion — Like an in-person open house, a scheduled virtual open house should be promoted to ensure a good turnout. This can be done through the real estate agent, postcards, the MLS platform, or through a sign in front of the home. The more promotion, the better to build interest.
  • Take time on the tour — If you are doing the open house yourself, make sure you begin on time. Begin outside and then go inside and take the time necessary to highlight each room, giving plenty of detailed information. Highlight closet spaces, upgrades, special features, and even views from windows if they are especially panoramic. 
  • Make sure you are using good equipment and the right platform — if you don’t have the equipment or skilled knowledge of putting together a professional-looking video, there are companies out there that specialize in home videography.

After the live stream of your virtual open house, you can then upload it to YouTube or use it on your website or other web presence.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in New Jersey, you may need the assistance of a skilled New Jersey real estate lawyer to help draft documents or help you with legal issues concerning the purchase or sale of your property. At Matus Law Group, we can review your contract and guide you through the purchase or sale of your New Jersey home. Contact us to learn more.

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