3 Ways The Matus Law Group Can Help You Overcome the Challenges of Raising a Special Needs Child

Last updated on: June 14, 2021
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Whether you are a new parent reckoning with the prospect of raising a special needs child for the first time or an experienced mother or father to a special needs child looking for guidance, The Matus Law Group is here for us. Our team has unique, personal experience with the joys and challenges of raising special needs children. We have seen how arduous, but also how beautiful this labor of love can be. We know that when your child has a disability, there is a lot to understand and plan for. We have seen that the challenges of raising a special needs child fall into four main categories, all of which we aim to help you with:

1. Financial.

The expenses of raising a special needs child start with medical bills, but go so much further. There’s no way around it — it’s expensive. Our team can help you assess your child’s short term and long term needs, and the cost associated with these needs. We can introduce you to tools like special needs trusts and government benefits that will help you be able to afford those needs and costs. The Matus Group can help you use your time, effort, and other resources wisely to ensure your disabled child is provided for throughout their childhood and adulthood.

2. Emotional.

We understand your feelings because we’ve felt them ourselves. We think it is important to work with professionals who have been in your shoes whenever possible. We know what makes life different for families with special needs children — the good and the bad — and we keep these things in mind when working with you, whether we’re working on an estate planning matter, real estate transaction, or a business law matter. 

3. Practical.

Maybe you need to live close to the facilities that help your child thrive. Maybe you need to live close to loved ones who support you and your child. Maybe you need to arrange for your child’s care in the event that something happens to you. Maybe you want to start a business of your own because your job doesn’t offer you the flexibility you need to raise your child. The Matus Law Group can help you with any of these practical challenges as well.

If you are looking for an attorney who understands your situation as a parent of a child with special needs, look no further. The Matus Law Group is here for you. Contact our team today.

Christine Matus

Christine Matus

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