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NJ Estate Planning Attorney Christine Matus Speaks with Kathy Dotoli on Disability Benefits for Special Needs Families

Last updated on: December 15, 2021

Supporting families with children with disabilities has been central to Christine Matus’ work. Being an experienced New Jersey estate planning attorney and a mother of a special needs child, she is always on the look for people and organizations providing value and help for special needs families, making sure they get the benefits they deserve and have multiple tools and all the support when it comes to raising their kids.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Kathy Dotoli and her Mission

In the newest episode of Heart to Heart Conversations YouTube series Matus Law Group’s Founding Attorney Christine Matus speaks with Kathy Dotoli, New Jersey social security disability attorney, about the segment of law with social security disability and how it can benefit families raising children with special needs.

This episode is premiered on the Matus Law Group’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on December 23, 2021.

Kathy Dotoli, a compassionate NJ legal professional, has been focusing on workers’ compensation law and social security disability law for nearly 25 years. Mrs. Dotoli has dedicated her career to helping those who are injured or disabled receive the benefits to which they are entitled, even when the insurance companies or government refuse to do so.

Helping Families with Special Needs Receive Benefits

In the Heart to Heart Conversations episode, Cristine Matus and Kathy Dotoli discuss the medical and monetary benefits available for families with disabilities and the process of applying for them, the differences between SSD and SSI, and why attorney’s advice is useful when it feels like you are hitting the wall.

“Today we’re going to talk about children who need the disability benefits and it is so important that families know about the benefits that are available through the social security administration,” shares Kathy Dotoli, who has guided a number of clients through the process making it easier for them.

“I give them the tools they need to either make the application initially on their own or if they just can’t do it, perhaps due to a parent having their own disability, sometimes we will help them do that,” continues Mrs. Dotoli pointing out that before making that application, the parents should have all the medical evidence at their hands.

The attorneys also speak about the different standards for adults and kids when qualifying for disability and how the pandemic changed the process.

“I encourage everyone to please reach out to Kathy Dotoli. She is a well of information, especially with all of her experience she’s always able to find a resource, give you an answer and at least just lead you in the right direction,” concludes Cristine Matus.

Watch the whole episode here or visit the Facebook group to learn more about Social Security Disability Lawyer Kathy Dotoli and her exceptional work.

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