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Guest Blog: Human Imperfections by Sue Shilling

Last updated on: November 14, 2020
There are many resources for parents who have special needs children. I was lucky enough to be asked to be on the Everything Special Needs radio show with Sue Shilling. She has some wonderful insight about what she does and I want to share that with all of you.
As I sat and prepared for my year end retrospective for the year 2016 on the Everything Special Needs radio show, I went through a year’s worth of shows and put them together. As I sat there and listened, I continued to be inspired. I heard stories of people overcoming obstacles to live the best life possible. I heard the heartbreaking stories of parents who have suffered the loss of a child, yet were still helping others to honor their child’s memory. There were bonds formed. There was information shared. There were plenty of laughs. I was reminded of why I decided to do this show to begin with. It was not only a chance for me to spread valuable information and share resources, but it was also an opportunity to form bonds, friendships, and be inspired by the determination the guests exuded on the show.
I arrived at the studio early last Monday to make sure each segment was loaded in the computer. I needed everything to be perfect on a night like this. After all, I spent hours putting this together and was determined to make sure everything went off without a hitch. 6:00 came and the show started. The 1st segment was a touching montage of parents describing their remarkable, special child. The show continued with
each inspirational story followed by a carefully chosen musical piece to fit each story. Things were flowing. I
was even getting messages from parents during the show thanking me for including their story.
Everything timed out perfectly. Everything was flowing perfectly. Until…it was time for the Outro I had recorded. Somehow, even after arriving early, and double checking everything, I made the mistake of loading the intro where the outro was supposed to be. As it played I
was disappointed. I was embarrassed. I was literally harassing myself for making that mistake. I then loaded the outro into the computer and somehow the show still timed out to the minute and ended at 7:00. I then reflected on the whole meaning of the show. Making the most of our
human imperfections, our special needs. The show ended. Another year was in the books. It was just…perfect.Everything Special Needs is heard every Monday night from 6-7pm on 1360AM WNJC or online at everythingspecialneeds.info

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