Matus Law Ranked the 74th Fastest Growing Law Firm in the Country

We are so grateful to be ranked 74th fastest growing law firm in the country! Thank you for Colleen Clark, Jennifer Martinez and our newest member Kathleen Taranto for their hard work, and dedication to our Mission to helping families and protecting their assets especially if they have a special needs child. #matuslaw #uniquesolutionsforuniquefamilies #doinglawdifferent Read More

Ask a Lawyer Episode 4-Jerry Wade with the Reilly Financial Group on Special Needs Planning

Transcript of Podcast Interview with Special Needs Planner Jerry Wade Christine: Hi, everyone. This is Christine Matus from The Matus Law Group. We love to showcase people we feel have valuable information, and are considered experts in their field. I've known Jerry Wade with the Reilly Financial Group for some time now, and he has a lot of valuable information that will help all of our families. Jerry, could you Read More

Caution: Avoid These Estate Planning Mistakes!

You have worked too hard in building up your estate to leave any of it to chance. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make simple mistakes that could wind up costing your family not only heartache, but money to sort out. Here are 5 mistakes that you need to avoid when planning your estate. Don't procrastinate! According to a study from BMO Wealth Management, more than half of American adults have not Read More

Make an estate plan for your digital assets

Today, 77 percent of Americans go online every day, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, and most of us maintain at least some kind of digital data in the cloud. We save emails, post to social media, and store photos in online albums. All of this digital information has created a new issue for you, your heirs, and the technology firms that hold your assets. The key concern is maintaining your Read More

Ask a Lawyer Episode 3- Erik Glazner and Erika Casablanca on getting special needs students prepared for life experiences

Transcript of Interview with Alpha, Harbor and Gateway Schools Christine: Hi everyone, this is Christine Matus,the owner of The Matus Law Group. Today we are honored to have Erik Glazner and Erika Casablanca as our guests. Erik is supervisor of instruction for Alpha, Harbor and the Gateway Schools, and Erika is STEM lab teacher at the Gateway School. Erika also leads the marketing team for Alpha, Harbor and Read More

Divorce and Special Needs: 4 Things to Consider

When parents have special needs children, it affects virtually every aspect of their life. That includes situations where a couple divorces. When the parents separate, they have a lot of things to consider regarding their child, especially as it relates to the divorce decree and related estate planning matters. Below are just a few things that you should keep in mind if you are a parent going through a divorce. Read More

Ask a Lawyer Episode 2 – Financial Professional Yaakov Berman on Preparing for Financial Hurdles

Christine: Hello everyone, this is Christine Matus from the Matus Law Group, and we have a special guest with us today. It’s Yaakov Berman with Lee Nolan and Corey Glynn, LLC, a member of the Mass Mutual Financial Group. He works with many local families in preparing for financial hurdles down the road. Yaakov, why are people so concerned about the rising cost of care as they age? Yaakov: Folks are making Read More

Understanding Your IEP Team

Your child’s individualized education program (IEP) is created, reviewed, and revised by a team of experts. Each of these individuals has an important role to play in building your child’s IEP and adjusting it at IEP meetings. Below is an overview of the team members that are required to be involved in your child’s IEP based on federal law. The Child’s Parents—You The child’s parents have a legal right to be Read More

5 Tips for if You’re Considering Buying Commercial Real Estate

If you are ready to buy commercial real estate for your business, you likely have a lot of questions. Is purchasing commercial property the same as buying residential property? What are the differences? Does buying make more sense than leasing? How do you find the right property to meet your business needs? The following tips will help you get the process started. 1.   Leasing Versus Buying: Which Option Makes Read More

Christine Matus Talks with MOCEANS, Inc.

Attorney Christine Matus recently did a Facebook Live interview with MOCEANS, Inc. to discuss special needs law. Check out the interview below!     Read More