4 Things to Revisit in Your Estate Plans at the End and Beginning of Each Year

The new year is a great time to consider updating or revising your estate plan. Things change from year to year, so it is a good idea to pull out your estate plans periodically to be sure that it still says what you want it to say. Your estate plan is important to both you and your loved ones, so it is vital that it is correct and remains up to date. Below are a few changes that may have happened this year that might Read More

Guest Post: Tax Tips to Help You for Your 2018 Taxes

I have always believed that asset protection goes beyond just legal planning and must include among others, accounting planning expertise to implement a truly protective and holistic plan. We have been so pleased to have met Larissa N. Scarangella CPA. Ms. Scarangella has the same philosophy and mindset when helping people and found her insights valuable. Here is some important information she has graciously shared Read More

How Does the SSA Calculate Cost of Living Increases?

This article originally appeared on ElderLawAnswers Next year, Social Security recipients will see a 2 percent raise in benefits, the largest increase in six years. For Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients, the average monthly benefit will go up from $1,170 to $1,180, not including people who are blind, for whom the monthly rate is significantly higher. For Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Read More

6 Things a Will Can and Can’t Do for You

Wills are an extremely beneficial estate planning tool. However, they do have some limitations. Below is a quick description of the most important things that wills can and cannot do for you. What a Will CAN Do for You     A will can help you avoid intestacy laws. If you do not use a valid will to describe whom you would like to get your assets, anything you own at the time of your death will Read More

Your 5 Fundamental Rights as a Parent with a Child in IEP

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a legal document that sets out your child’s learning needs and how the school will provide for those needs. It also describes how your child’s progress will be measured. It is extremely important to your child’s educational development. As a parent, you have the right to be intimately involved in your child’s education, and that includes all aspects of your child’s IEP. Read More

Guardianships for People with Disabilities

In New Jersey, everyone who reaches the age of 18 (the legal age of majority), will be able to legally make their own decisions. Parents can no longer make decisions on behalf of their children who are 18 or older. This is true even when the child has disabilities that may make them unable to make sound decisions regarding their care or other important aspects of their life. To deal with this issue, parents may Read More

Matus Law Group Featured in Ocean County Boomers

The Matus Law Group was recently featured in the Fall 2017 edition of Boomers Plus. There, Christine Matus highlights ways to protect Power of Attorney documents from any recent and upcoming legislative changes Click here to check out the magazine. Christine's feature is on page 15. Read More

4 Ways You Can Improve the Value of Your Business

If you are planning to sell your business or you are considering putting your business on the market, you want to present your enterprise as a profitable, money-making venture. The valuation process will determine how much your business is worth based on a variety of factors—from appraising your physical assets to projecting future cash flows. Therefore, getting a higher valuation will allow you to obtain a higher Read More

The 4 Benefits of a Home Inspection

Buying a new home can be both an exciting and scary process. Unfortunately, many people do not know what to look for in order to spot problem areas before they buy. That is one of the many reasons that buyers frequently use the services of professional home inspectors to look over the home. There are many advantages to obtaining a home inspection before you buy. A few of the main benefits are described below: Read More

5 Tips for Creating a Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust can be a helpful estate planning tool if used properly. These “living trusts” can help your family avoid the costly and time-consuming probate process and save you money in estate taxes as well. By creating a living trust, you can often lessen the burden on your loved ones after you are gone. Not all living trusts are created equal. You should use the following tips to help you create a Read More